Below, you will find descriptions & links to several concerts, and events, I have archived over the last few years. You will need up to date versions of Quick Time Player on your computer to view them, (a free download from 

NANCY WILSON - in concert at the Bovard Theater, USC campus, 2004 - 4:16 

JIIMMY WYBLE TRIBUTE - held at the LA Jazz Collective in Pasadena in 2008. Produced by Brandon Bernstein, and hosted by John Pisano, along with an all star array of artists. 6:48 

SWEET & HOT FESTIVAL & LAX - A three day event filled with some of the finest artists available. 27:38 

A TRIBUTE TO STEVE GUTIERREZ - On Sunday the 23rd of August, the friends of Steve Gutierrez got together at the Culver Club in the Radisson Hotel in Culver City and put on a once in a lifetime show performing for, and showing their affection for this great Latin Jazz Drummer. Amazingl, Steve put aside his "walker", and got behind the drums and blew us all away. 5:46